"Boobs hurt?"
— Daniel James Howell (via loriemcfly)


Check out our cover of Therapy by All Time Low!

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Hey guys! My sister, her friend Cassie, and her friend Tyler, have just uploaded the long awaited Hold On ‘Till May cover by Pierce the Veil. It would mean a lot to me, and them, if you watched and subscribed to their channel. It’s an acoustic project, just covers for now. But, eventually, maybe around next year, or in two years, they’ll be making their own music. (Oh, and here’s their twitter, too!)

Check out my sister’s channel, please! :)

Phil Lester…


When I get married and have children with Phil, I’m going to name our kid Mo. You can probably guess what’s funny about that.

Can’t wait for my little grandbaby, Mo.